About Us

UnManned Canada is Canada’s independently owned information environmet  for UAV pilots, future pilots and those interested in Canadian aviation. It is owned by Russ Niles, an avid pilot and UAV enthusiast.

Russ also owns Canadian Aviator Magazine which is Canada’s premiere magazine for pilots and flying enthusiasts.

We are heavily involved in the Canadian aviation industry and sponsor various events and educational opportunities.

We’ve significantly boosted our online presence and have begun issuing a weekly newsletter that contains only stories about Canadian aviation. We’re going to do the same for UAV enthusiasts but include stories beyond our national border.

We are incredibly excited to start this next chapter in our evolution as we give you both a technical and entertaining/informative view on the exploding world of UAVs.

We wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the generous support of our advertisers and the continued patronage by our thousands of readers.