Digital Magazine Overview

Our Digital Magazines include the full magazine content with some added features for an enhanced viewing experience. Its free for the next while. Simply select the publication (from the dropdown) you want to view and use the user and password of guest. (lower case).

Its a great environment, allowing you to login and access the issue(s) that you are interested in viewing in just  a few steps…login…select your issue…start reading.

Also, please note that only our Standard Viewer is available for the Unmanned World preview publications.  Feel free to read through issues of Canadian Aviator to experience our premium 3dIssue Viewer.

With our Standard Digital Viewer you can easily navigate the magazine through our integrated Table of Contents as well as access our advertiser’s websites through integrated links, email addresses and phone numbers.

Use the Digital Index to quickly pick the pages that you are most interested in.

Most of our issues will have photo galleries integrated into them with extra pictures that we did not have room for in the magazine.

We also have integrated videos into some of our pages where appropriate.

You also always have the option to simply read our great magazine on your screen.  Its clear and its easy to zoom in to make the text as big as you want it.  On our standard viewer simply stretch you screen to zoom in instantly.

You also have a choice of viewing experiences.

Our standard viewer comes in 2 formats.  Both work on any device, but the  tablet version allows you to use swiping motions for most actions.  The standard version uses only the displayed buttons, but some people prefer it and it is best for  most mouse driven devices.

Both versions include access to our premium 3dissue viewer environment  which we use to generate all of our digital content.  It is great but does require a little more practice to use than our standard viewer.

Have some fun with this…it is a great use of technology.


Just read the print magazine…some folks just love to have  the paper in their hands.